TEDx Talks

For innovations we were asked to watch TEDx Talks and report what we watched and learned. I found these two:

“Opening our Ears to the Deaf” Pamela Weisman at TEDxCoMo

“Opening our Ears to the Deaf” Pamela Weisman at TEDxCoMo

This is the first TEDx Talk that I’ve ever watched that I didn’t absolutely hate. I’ve just never really cared for them. I really liked this one, though. It is information that is worth learning. It’s important. Hearing people should watch this because she brings up many good points of what hearing people should know. She talks about how the phrase ‘hearing impaired’ is offensive because it implies that they are impaired of something. That they need to be fixed. Hearing is not the default. She explains how hearing people can make an effort to work with deaf and hard of hearing people.

“Navigating deafness in a hearing world” Rachel Kolb | TEDxStanford

“Navigating deafness in a hearing world” Rachel Kolb at TEDxStanford

This TEDx Talk is done by a girl who is deaf, but has had over 18 years of speech therapy to be able to speak. She told a story of a time she gave a presentation in class and the teacher insulted her for not using an interpreter. The teacher condemned her for making the other students have to listen to her. This was heartbreaking as all of her efforts throughout the years were shattered by a teachers rude comments. She also talks about deaf children in hearing/deaf families. 90% of hearing families do not learn how to effectively communicate with their deaf family members.

“Deaf people are capable of doing anything hearing people can do, except hear.” She says. She grew up not thinking of herself as disabled because her parents, family, interpreters, speech therapists, and friends did not treat her as such.

These two TEDx Talks are very important for hearing people to watch and learn from. One from the viewpoint of a hearing person, and the other from the viewpoint of a deaf person. There is so much to be learned about deaf culture. These are a good start.


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