TEDx Talk – Deaf-Blind Theatre

What we learn from the deaf-blind theatre: Adina Tal at TEDxHiriya

This TEDx Talk is done by a women who started the first deaf-blind theatre in the world, in Israel. I had honestly never even thought about that. I wasn’t really aware that deaf-blind was a thing. I think what Adina Tal has done is really awesome. The work she and everyone involved in this theatre has done is something worth talking about. This TEDx Talk is so interesting because it is important for hearing and seeing people to be aware of deaf-blind culture.

Adina talks about how their shows have been invited to come to New York and other countries around the world. They started with a show that take place over the timeline of making bread. This may sound really lame, like why would you want to see a show about bread rising and then cooking? But it is done this way so the actors have a strict timeline of events for what is happening during the night. Obviously, other entertaining stuff happens while they’re doing it, this is just the basis. After the show the audience is invited to eat the bread made with the members of the cast and crew. I think this is such a cool, different concept.

While my main focus for this Innovations project is ASL and deaf/hard of hearing awareness, I think this aspect of deaf-blind awareness is something important too. While this is a whole other topic, it is related.

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